Create your Own Studs

A very popular earring style that is commonly used in common earrings is that of the diamond stud.They are created from diamonds that sit on posts inside of the earring. The posts are usually made from a very precious metal like silver, gold, or even platinum.

There is the emerald cut which is square and the tear drop cut that is tapered on the top and rounded on the bottom these are some of the more popular cuts. The most popular is the round cut. There are plenty of other cuts to choose from. A diamond is processed from a rough rock into a shining gem by a jeweler. There are facets cut into the face of the stone to give it the glimmer and shine that folks are so familiar with.

They are offered in various sizes these sizes are measured in carat weight. The most popular carat weight for them is on quarter carat. There is a difference between carat weight and total carat weight. Carat weight is the actual weight of the diamond total carat weight is the weight of the diamond and any diamond chips that may also be set. The larger the carat weight the more expensive it will be.

The costs vary greatly; there are a few considerations that affect the cost of diamond studs. The first consideration is the quality of the create your own studs. Diamonds are judged on several features to determine quality. Clarity will be one feature that will judge the quality of the diamond. Clarity is defined as the clearness of the diamond. Each diamond has a certain amount of carbon deposits that cloud the diamond, the clearer a diamond is the higher the clarity rating and the more expensive it will be. There are other factors that will determine the cost as well. They should be a staple in just about any jewelry collection as they are always in fashion.

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